Interesting ways to repurpose Umbr Tree fine fragrance candle jars

Repurpose Umbr Tree Fragrance Candles

The sweet smell of a fragrance candle is just mesmerizing, don’t you think? It has a calming, soothing, and relaxing effect on my mind, body, and soul. It’s no surprise that I have more fragrance candles than I need. If you’re anything like me, then you also have one too many candle jars or tins.  But have you ever thought of re-using the empty fragrance candles & tins?

Here’s what I do with the candle tins and jars after the candle has run out.


Clean it out

So first things first. When the fragrance candle has run its course and there is barely any wax left in it you need to remove that little bit of wax to be able to re-use the jar/tin. 

Use something like a butter knife to gently pry out the leftover wax and place it in a separate tin meant for other bits of leftover candle wax. When that tin fills up, you can melt all the bits of wax to make your own fragrance candle. (Psst… our candles burn completely leaving no wax or residue behind)

Another way is, place the fragrance candle jar in the freezer. The wax contracts and easily pops out of the container. The remainder of the wick will come out too. If heating the canister is easier, then you can use this technique too. 

When you’ve got the wax out of the container, thoroughly wash it with mild soap and water and let it dry completely. 

Now, these empty fragrance candle jars are ready for use in different parts of your house. Let’s go around room by room and see the interesting ways in which you can use them.


The Lounge

Add a succulent or indoor plant inside the empty candle jar to bring in a little bit of nature into the room.

Repurpose Umbr Tree fragrance candle jar

Another way we love to reuse translucent/transparent candle jars is by dropping a tealight into the candle jar because the ambient glow effect is just beautiful. 


The Kitchen

Use it to store your loose leaf tea or green tea bags or even dry staples like sugar. Place this on your kitchen shelf along with the rest of the items you need to quickly make a cuppa.

We’ve even been known to hold our kitchen cutlery in these beautiful jars. Just see those spoons hanging around so comfortably.


Repurpose Umbr Tree fragrance candle jar

The Office/Art Room

This space in your home has multiple uses for a candle jar or jars and even the little tins. Use it to store stationery or hold water in while you mix paints and create some fascinating designs.

Maybe you’d use the small tin holders to stash little sequins, beads, buttons, pins, etc. If you mix your own paints, then the tin boxes are a great option to hold these new paints. 

Repurpose Umbr Tree fragrance candle jar


The Bedroom

Freshly cut flowers, or maybe another indoor plant that makes you happy. Go for a cactus, maybe?

The small tin containers would be just perfect to hold the home-made lip balm you made with your kids.

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Finally: The Bathroom

That’s right. Even the bathroom can get spruce when you have a few empty candle jars to play with. 

Use our pearl finish jar to hold toothbrushing essentials or your makeup brushes. How about adding baking soda to an empty jar and dropping 5-6 drops of your favourite essential oil to have a natural air-freshener.

Repurpose Umbr Tree fragrance candle jar

Of course, you could also stash your hair ties, earbuds, and other such knick-knacks in it. 

Our most favourite way though has got to be the one where the jars are used to store homemade hair mask and  body scrub.


And that’s all folks, the many ways we reuse our beautiful candle jars and tins. If you have any other interesting ways of repurposing these beautiful Umbr Tree glass and metal containers then share it with us on social media and tag us.